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This site contains a listing of classes offered in the area of Energy and Environment by the 20 partner schools of the McDonnell International Scholars Academy.
In addition to grouping classes by the University, classes offered in a topical area can also be listed. Each topical area is also associated with a discussion thread – and viewers can read through and learn from the discussion comments.
The site was created as part of the International Symposium on Energy and Environment that is being held on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis between May 4 to 7, 2007. Click here for additional details on the Symposium
One focal area of discussion at the Symposium was related to "Education" and the hope is that a comprehensive listing of classes will be beneficial to not only the participants of the Symposium, but also individuals who are interested in offering core curricula in these subject areas. For example, once details of a class are posted on this open site, course modules and other information will be readily available. Interested individuals can tailor make course content – as appropriate for their specific areas.
The site is completely open and its contents can be downloaded by any user. It is hoped that the authors of the material will be duly acknowledged. The sharing of information will promote newer developments in course content – and sharing of knowledge that serves the student well – not only in the McDonnell International Scholars Academy partner schools, but for the entire community.
List of Courses by Partner Universities

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List of Topical Areas

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Edit features to this site which allow Professors to enter course information are provided by request. Initial requests for edit features are being provided to faculty in the 20 Partner Schools of the McDonnell International Scholars Academy. Others may request access, as the site will later be opened up to all Professors teaching in the disciplinary areas of Energy and Environment. Click here to access submission request form.

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